Miss J's World

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Freak

In one moonless night in J World, a mama J was giving birth. Papa J was waiting anxiously outside the door, waiting for a new baby j to be born.
But when the doctor came out of the delivery room, he had a frown on his face. Papa J ran to the doctor and asked if everything is ok.
"Congratulations, you're a father. But...  I'm sorry. Your son is not normal " The doctor said
"What?.. What do you mean doctor?"
"He was born without the dot!"

Silence filled the room and Papa J felt devastated. His baby 'j' was born without the dot. He was not normal and has to face this fact for the rest of his life.

Years went by and baby j went to school and college. And as he grew up, he became a capital J with no dash.

All his life he's been laughed at and treated as an outcast. But this kid never cared. He never listened to anyone trying to frustrate him. He always thought of himself as unique. He had the most cheerful character.

Every time people tried to forbid him from engaging in conversations, letters, and emails, he didn't care. He tried again and again.
Until he was noticed. People, as well, saw him as unique. They started using him in their writings. 
After all, it is easier and faster to skip the dot. Isn't it?

Now there are fonts made with Js with no dots or dashes. 

This J changed the world.
He had a will, and that's much more important than a mere dot!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Land of Time

In the land of time, you can find each person's tape. A passing tape of images full of characters and things. The tape is too long with two huge cyliders at each end. It moves nonstop, while people and things in it cannot. They stay still inside the tape but change from a picture to another.
The distance between the cylinders vary, not all are the same. And they are not of the same width or thickness. Some have too many things and people in it that thay barely fit in. Some are very wide but can be torn easily. Others are too thick but with few things in it.

I came across a white tape that had one image in it. The same image repeated and it kept rolling and rolling... It was a dead red flower. I picked one of them up, it was not rotten it was just dead with no smell!

I moved on looking for my own tape. But another tape caught my eye, it was colorless but full. I was even worried some of the things might fall off, the people inside were literally above eachother. But it was colorless!

Now I really want to find my own tape it's very important, so I closed my eyes and let my feet lead me. Moments later I found it.
I stood there watching the tape rolling, I knew I could not stop it. But that did not sadden me. I only wanted to steal a piece of it and keep it with me.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Why the Moon is Yellow..

J people are very sensitive and their feelings directly affect their world, JWorld.

Each smile grows a new flower, each tear drop adds to the darkness of the night sky.
If a J person is sick, the land becomes dry and trees wither.
If a J person is in love, the sea water becomes sweater, sun lightens on the world, and a refreshing smell is added to a calm breeze.
A hatred spirit opens a crack in the earth.
A caring one closes another.
A lie spreads fog on a low level.
A hug clears the sky.

Today a J person is disappointed.
Fall is here.
And falling leaves covered the moon.

Tomorrow new leaves will grow.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


With tears in his eyes Jackee looked at the sky. He was looking for the moon.
In the silence, he felt someone sitting on the big rock beside him. It was Jeeka.
Jackee gave Jeeka a very sad look filled with confusion, his tears were speaking of jade.

Jeeka smiled tenderly and put an arm around Jackee.
'Let me tell you a little story. Long time ago, J people used to die at the age of 30 for no specific reason. None could survive more than that and nobody knew why.

Then oneday, someone could! A J person survived to live 31.
Despite J people's surprise, they all agreed that he will die very soon, and that it was just his good luck. But he lived another year, and another, and another..

After the forth year, the J person who could survive past the 30 decided to find out how and why he could and others couldn't. So he started a research, asking all J people about their lives, their routines, and habits.

It did not take him long to find out that he survived only because he practiced his Jill muscle.
You see J people are born with an extra muscle called the 'Jill muscle'. This muscle is responsible for the will power and patience in a J's spirit.

Just like all other muscles, it turns the energy into motion. But its uniqueness lies in absorbing negative energy, and turning it into life.

Muscles are self-healing and they grow stronger by ptractice, Jackee.
Smile please, you are a J person'

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Howard the Coward

Did I ever tell you the story of Howard?
Well, Howard is well known in almost all alphabet worlds, for his unique attitude!

Howard can not walk a road not marked or planned. he drew two lines from his house to his work so he can walk inside them everyday. He has other two lines drawn from his house to the one shop he always buys groceries from.

Howard does not like surprises, he can not deal with them. He is used to plans, made by him and only him.

So oneday Howard was walking to work, inside his path, with his head focused on the road and nothing else. He felt thirsty but he kept going. The thirst was starting to annoy him and he really needed to drink some water.

Unconsciously, he took a glance to his right to see a well! Feeling very thirsty, now Howard was in a conflict with himself. He can not take one step out of the path, yet he is thirsty.
So he started blaming himself for taking that glance and seeing the well. He should have not done that. He would have been fine and just kept walking if he did not take that glance.

But what to do now?!
Howard stood there in a battle with himself, trembling, tensed! But he knew for sure that he can not take a step out!

That was when a passerby noticed Howard standing there and offered to get him some of the water from the well.

'NO! NO! please don't!' Howard shouted 'I can't I just can't'

Not only Howard could not let himself out of the path he drew for himself; but he can not allow any interference to the path. He was so obsessed with keeping everything as planned. It was safer, any interference means higher probability of danger.

He has worked so hard to get where he is, to mark these paths, he was so proud of himself.
He was not prepared for any disturbance, it was just not right!
He was not thinking about the need for the water anymore. He was only concerned with the dangers that may occur if he is to accept the change.
Howard was a precise man.
He knew what he needed and planned for it.
No risks, safer is better!

So he resumed his walk to work, he can bare the thirst!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Peel

Jood was having a banana while looking outside the window. It was one of those wonderful spring days, so he decided to take a walk.

It was such a great feeling, walking calmly with a big smile, a little warm breeze came along. Jood felt so happy and fulfilled he wished he could keep walking like that forever.

Just as he finished his banana, he was wondering what to do with the peel. He didn't have to think much! The only thing he can do is throw it away. So he threw the peel ahead of him as far as he could then kept walking enjoying the lovely weather.

Few moments later, Jood slipped on his banana peel! He was gazing at the blue sky and did not notice the peel on the ground. So he slipped, practically flew few inches up before he landed on his back.

While trying to sit down after the fall, Jood noticed that he landed on something. He looked under him, only to see that it was a treasure box! A big colorful treasure box.

Suffering from heavy pain, Jood looked at the box and asked "Are you ok?"

Saturday, March 31, 2007


Jackee and Jood went climbing. They had all the equipment ready, they wore the appropriate outfits, and had their big bags on their shoulders. They tied themselves with a rope while climbing to help each other on the way and stay together-just like professionals!

It was a sunny day and everything was going well, until the sky started darkening slowly. It was night time.

Soon the whole raod infront of them was black and they could see nothing.

'Jood.. Do you have a lighter?' Jackee asked
Few moments of silence and there was no answer!

'Jood?.. Are you there?'
'Yeah' Jood replied
'What do you have in your bag? Do you have a lighter or a neon or anything we can use to show us the road?'
More silence and no answer!

'JOOD!! What's wrong? Can you hear me? Im talking to you' The silence started bugging Jackee
'Im here' Jood said

'Oh my God! I noticed that you are there and ok and nothing is wrong with you. But why aren't you answering my questions. I need help here'
More silence...!!

'I can't believe this.. It's not funny you know. I don't know what you're trying to do but it's only making me angry' Jackee was really getting angry
But Jood kept silent

After a long sigh filled with rage Jackee said, 'Ok.. I need to calm down to understand what you're trying to do!.. Is it hard for you to answer my questions? If it is hard to talk just hit the ground once for a Yes and twice for a No, ok?'
Suddenly Jackee heard a hit on the ground, and it made him laugh! Finally he was getting answers.

'Ok.. Now back to where we were, do you haev anything to light up the road for us?'